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Technical Difficulties

Stacy Dillon, ALSC member and a librarian at LREI, graciously spoke with me for, what I had hoped to be, an ALSC Blog podcast. I am unhappy with the sound quality. I have yet to record a conversation over the phone successfully. I know there is a way, I just haven’t spent enough time to figure it out.

Even if I manage to salvage the audio, I will post an edited transcript so the wonderful conversation Stacy and I had can be shared with everyone, readers and listeners alike.

Which leads me to a question for you, dear readers. Are you listeners to the podcasts as well? Do you look forward to them or do you skip on by? Based on an informal survey of my friends, few — well, none — of them, have listened to the podcasts. They all said that they would rather read it, because they can do that quicker and cause less distraction.

Please let me know your thoughts either via the comment box or email, alscblog@gmail.com. Thanks in advance!


  1. Ms B

    I like podcasts, if they are short. I can listen to them on the drive to and from work or while exercising. 20 minutes or less is best. If the podcast is longer than 30 minutes, I usually do not subscribe to it.

  2. Claire

    As a school librarian flying solo — and therefore doing all my own shelving along with other library duties — I enjoy the podcasts. I don’t always have time to read the synopses — what with the listservs, blogs and books waiting for me — but I can listen to them while I shelve, which makes the Dewey go faster. I agree with Ms. B that 20-30 minutes is a perfect length.

  3. Teresa Walls Post author

    Thanks so much for your input!

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