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Name and title/position at ALSC:  Linda Mays. Program Officer, Projects and Partnerships.  This includes managing grants we receive to further certain projects, such as El dí­a de los niños/El dí­a de los libros.  I also work with outside organizations to promote libraries and literacy, such as PBS and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.
Hometown:  Chicago
Education:  BA in English and Journalism
Family (including pets!):  No siblings;  but I have 23 cousins, and I stay in touch with all of them.
Years with ALSC/ALA: 7 with ALSC;  10 (this April) with ALA
Favorite Children’s book (as a child):  Black Beauty
Favorite Children’s book (today):  Too many to mention
Favorite Author:  Richard Peck is one among many.
What celebrity would you like to meet (if any)?  Anna Quindlen;  she is so insightful.
What junk food is your downfall?  Ice cream;  any flavor
Favorite vacation spot? Vancouver, B.C.
If you weren’t working at ALSC, what would your dream job be?  Honestly, this is my dream job.  I think the work of ALSC lets all the staff know that we make a difference.

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