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… but we still don’t know the answer…. (Snapple Real Facts Buster)

The 4th grade Library Snapple Real Facts Buster wiki project was concluded a couple of weeks ago. The finished site features 2.5 sessions of group research work (45 minutes per session) attempting to verify or bust some of the Snapple Real Facts. Some of the students were really into it and had the tenacity to see the project through: from figuring out where to look for best information to meticulously record their findings. Many of them were excited at the beginning but had to be prompted to continue with more verification because they were easily satisfied with their first matching facts and were reluctant to continue, either to find more sources, or to record their findings. They thought that a URL should be sufficient! (I did explain to them how URL can change and the page can disappear so a title and a creator’s name will help future researchers to locate the information.)

There is also a general reflection page that does sum up the whole experience fairly well.

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  1. Jeanette Larson

    What a great project! I read a few of the postings and got interested myself. Still trying to prove the sense of smell question….

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