Blogger Jennifer Schultz

Rabbit Season

Hop on over for some toddler-pleasing books featuring a variety of rascally rabbits. Yes, So Happy!has a cute little rabbit in it.  As I was reading it, I imagined the variety of storytimes in which this terrific book could be used; a multicultural storytime, a weather storytime, a “books about moms” storytime, a flowers and garden themed storytime….many possibilities! Boredom and curiosity force a young boy and a young rabbit to find something to do.  The young rabbit lets his curiosity get out of hand, and he ends up lost.  Suddenly, the skies open and the rain pours down.  The young boy, energized by the rainstorms, rushes out into the rain.  He sees the rabbit, which is unable to cross the swollen creek.  The young boy builds a bridge for the surprised rabbit, which hops home to its family.  Meanwhile, a water-starved seed is sprouting.  While all this action is…

Blogger Jeanette Larson

IRA Conference in Atlanta

The International Reading Association (IRA) will hold its conference May 4—8, 2008 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. IRA is a partner organization with ALA and ALSC. This is a major conference, with more than 450 sessions, 300 exhibitors, and lots of authors and illustrators. One of the keynote speakers will be Jamie Lee Curtis. Other authors include Walter Dean Myers, Gail Gibbons, Alexie Sherman, and Alice Walker, just to name a few! Information about the conference is online at I have been able to attend a couple of IRA conferences and it is especially interesting to see how our work as school and public librarians meshes with that of other reading professionals. Preregistration is open through April 7, 2008. After that date, you must register on-site.