Blogger Jeanette Larson

Support Funding for RIF

As a children’s librarian I support programs like Reading Is Fundamental, as a volunteer, donor, and partner. We know that children, especially in low income families, need to own books that they will treasure. The President’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2009 eliminates the Inexpensive Book Distribution Program, which is the RIF Book Distribution Program. Unless Congress reinstates funding for this program, RIF would be unable to distribute 16 million books annually to the nation’s youngest and most at-risk children. Please consider writing a letter or email to the President and your state senators and representative asking that funding for this program be reinstated. Visit the RIF site,, for more information and a link to contact your legislators in Washington.

Blogger Jennifer Schultz

A Family Storytime

Confession: There aren’t many Valentine’s Day books that I enjoy reading to toddlers.  To mark the occasion, I create a storytime about families. If you’re looking for alternatives to Valentine-themed books, try these on for size. I rarely need to find excuses to read Owl Babies.  Gorgeous illustrations and a storyline easily understood and appreciated by toddlers has made this a favorite of mine for many years.  Sarah, Percy, and Bill discover that their (owl) mother is missing.  Although they put on a brave front, they soon become very worried and speculate about what might happen to her.  Of course, Owl Mother returns and everyone is happy. The End. Owls are a welcome break from the usual parade of dogs, cats, and dinosaurs, and these three little guys are quite adorable.  Your toddlers will giggle at Bill’s repetitive cry of “I want my mommy!”  While there are many books about…