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Behind the ALSC Scenes–Part 1

I can remember the excitement in her voice as she came over the hill, “Grandfather! Grandfather!” Nestled in a small cabin in the Swiss Alps, with porridge on the stove and a goat at the door, Heidi was coming home–the same way I felt every time my mom opened that book.

It was the sound of Heidi’s voice, the silky softness of the Velveteen Rabbit’s coat and the warmth of my fur jacket upon entering Narnia that made me love to read as a child. Many years later and still an avid reader, I find myself once again in the presence of greatness–children’s books!

As the new marketing specialist for ALSC, I work on cultivating new members as well as maintaining current members. In the end, my goal (much like everyone else’s) is to make ALSC a stronger organization.

Over the next six months, you will hear from Diane, Aimee, Linda, Laura, Marsha and Angela here at the ALSC office, about who they are and what they do. Although not always as glamorous as you might imagine, we work hard for the organization and hope that you enjoy a behind the scenes peek of “A day in the life”…

Happy Holidays!
Jenny Najduch

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  1. Teresa Walls

    Welcome to ALSC, Jenny!

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