Please Interrupt Me!

When asked to write the October blog for ALSC’s Managing Children’s Services Committee, I wanted to write about an issue that is currently under consideration in my own library.  The issue we are discussing is the placement of the children’s desk and how it is staffed.  Presently, our children’s librarian has only one desk located in our office area behind the circulation desk with all of the other staff. I solicited feedback from the wonderful and always helpful PA librarians on the PA-Youth listserv to see where their desks were located, how they were staffed and any pros and cons about their situation. The responses matched my own gut feeling – the importance of having a children’s librarian out in the children’s area far outweighs the drawbacks of such a proposition.  One librarian stated, “Having a desk in the children’s space visually defines me as a children’s specialist, which has…

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Welcome Neighbor: Block Parties and Public Libraries

The City Library in Salt Lake City works with local organizations like the National History Museum of Utah and Hogle Zoo. One unique partnership, however, has City Library going “back to college” with the University of Utah‘s  University Village Student Housing Block Party.

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How Will You ‘Build a Better World’?

The Collaborative Summer Library Program theme for 2017’s summer reading program is ‘Build a Better World’, and for me as a youth services librarian, ‘building a better world’ means getting my community to feel they are making a difference in their own lives and in the lives of others.  This summer, we have the chance to do something really big and truly wonderful.


Three Things I Forgot About Last Week

Things have been a little crazy.  We started a 1000 Books before Kindergarten pilot program this month.  The full rollout will begin in January of 2017. I am floored by the amount of work it required to get a program like this up and running the way it should be. If I hadn’t had a wonderful, thoughtful and extremely detailed person partnering with me, the program would have quickly disintegrated into mayhem.  I’ll be talking about this in my next two blog posts. As a result of the enormity of this task, I started getting a little grouchy. Okay, a lot grouchy.  These are the things I needed to remind myself of: I forgot that I still need to be available to the families that I serve. A to-do list can take over everything.  People matter more than the next item that needs to be checked off. There has got to be…

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Library Advocacy In Less Than Three Minutes (S. 3391)

No surprise to anyone who watches television, reads the newspaper, works in a library, or listens to music on YouTube, the US Presidential Election is in 22 days. While the overwhelming majority of Americans are focusing solely on influencing the outcome of this important election, other matters of importance are still happening in Washington and require the voice of each and every one of your library advocates.