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Program in a Post: Amazing Arthropods AKA Maggot Painting

With this post, some supplies you probably have on hand, and a pile of arthropods, you can create an AMAZING ARTHROPOD experience!  See Maggot Painting here! Supplies: Arthropods (We partnered with an Entomologist from our local University on this program.) Various craft supplies: cardboard, tape, stamps, ink, etc. Mazes: we built ours from cereal boxes and cardboard Flashlights Set Up: Set up your large program space with stations for each activity that you are interested in presenting. Activities: Build Your Own Exoskeleton! Using cardboard and tape, build your own exoskeleton similar to our arthropod friends! Insect Stamps Using our insect stamps and ink, create your own bug masterpiece! Pill Bug Maze Pill bugs are sensitive to light, and prefer darkness.  Using a flashlight, see if you can direct your pill bug through the maze provided. Maggot Painting Grab a tray and put a piece of paper in it.  Then drip…

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Teaching Empathy and Zootopia

Disney’s Zootopia was a massive hit earlier this year, becoming one of the top-grossing films of 2016 and garnering a near-perfect 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, an impressive feat in a divided age. The film, which follows a rabbit named Judy who becomes the first of her kind to join the police force in the Metropolis Zootopia, is laugh-out-loud funny, as evidenced by everyone’s favorite sloth joke video.

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Actual Fun for All Ages

In recent years, libraries have led the way modelling early literacy and learning behaviors for adults to share with the children in their lives.  But the intergenerational fun shouldn’t stop after preschool.  With programs that families can enjoy together, libraries encourage shared learning by school-age children, and their younger sibling, and their older siblings, and their grandparents, and their aunts and uncles, and their friends . . . .

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Tech for STEAM Learning, Play, and Programming

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed with choices when it comes to the ever changing world of technology, but part of the fun can be exploring the fun, new gadgets and toys that come out! By speaking with other youth services librarians, keeping in touch via social media, and sharing our work, I’ve discovered that the task of keeping up with the next big thing becomes a little easier.